Learning Center

How to View My Questions

See which questions are assigned to your storyfile script

  • Admins create a custom script for you to answer.
  • View your list of questions and hide questions easily.
How to Add More Questions

How to add questions to your script

  • Choose from the pre-selected library of questions to add to your script.
  • Add custom questions to any category.
How to Record Your Storyfile

Find My Questions

  • Where to locate the list of questions available for you to record while on the Record screen.
  • Where to see each question as you record it.
  • See which topics and questions you have or have not yet recorded answers for.
  • See how long your video answer is for each question.
  • Options to navigate between questions (for instance, previous and skip).


  • How to know if your face is positioned centrally in the video while recording.
How to Interact with Your Storyfile

How to check your recorded answers before you submit your storyfile

  • Test your storyfile before submitting it to the admin who assigned it to you.
  • You can check each recorded answer individually.

Different ways to test your storyfile

  • Use a keyboard to type in questions.
  • Select questions from a list of Hints to list to their answers.
  • Press the Hold to Talk button to speak to your storyfile.

Setting options for interacting with your storyfile

  • How to select your interaction voice input language (choose from more than a dozen languages!).
  • You can also turn subtitles on or off.
Share Your Storyfile

Navigating the Share page

  • See all of your storyfiles that have been assigned to you in one page.
  • See the completion status of each of your storyfiles.

Settings options for sharing your storyfile

  • Choose your storyfile privacy setting; options include: Private, Public, Restricted, Unlisted.

Options for sharing your storyfile

  • How to submit your storyfile to the admin that sent you the request to record.
  • Copy the link to a storyfile to your clipboard.
  • Email a storyfile to yourself or someone else.
  • Post one of your storyfiles to social media platforms, including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.